In the clean room

Clean Room

  • Class-100 clean room equipped for photonics device processing.

High Performance Computing

  • Supercomputer featuring a heterogeneous multi-core processor archicture (PPC G5, PPC Cell, and Intel x64).
  • Linux operating system with open source and commercial tools and applications.

Network Security

  • Interconnect routers, switches, firewalls, VPN concentrators in private network configurations.

Internet 2

  • Develop and deploy revolutionary Internet Protocol technologies.
  • Connect with Universities, government agencies, laboratories, and high tech corporations.

Optoelectronics Devices Laboratory

  • Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etching System, using turbomolecular pump and cold-cathode ion source.
  • Optoelectronic Device Testing Laboratory.
  • Planar Lightwave Circuit Testing and Packaging Laboratory.
  • WDM Networking Laboratory. the testbed has four operational WDM wavelengths and consists of three core switching nodes (CSNs), each of which is connected with two edge switching nodes (ESNs).
  • MOCVD crystal growth facilities.
  • Lithography and bonding facilities.

Optical Communication Networks Lab

  • Facilities:  10-40 Gigabits/sec single channel and WDM Optical Communications Transmission Laboratories.  Capabilities of testing transmission over  30,000 km in a recirculationg loop configuration. Bit-error rate test equipment, high-speed  sampling oscilloscopes, Raman and EDFA amplifiers.
  • Optical fiber line running down the I-95 corridor, for research related to this project.  Enables connection directly to NASA and other government agencies to carry out sophisticated network experiments. 
  • All-Raman amplified 500 km transmission test bed. It includes 250 channels for testing high channel count WDM transmission. This high performance system will be linked to our connection to other optical networks provided by the link down the I-95 corridor. 
  • Other Facilities: The laboratory for Telecommunication Sciences: Access to the Government Networks ATDNET and BossNet for high-speed network experiments.
  • Nearby  Companies and facilities: Ciena, Corvis, NASA, NSA, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory,  NIH (which uses optical networks); Lockheed  Martin, Northrop Grumman, Gould Fiber Optics,  Brimrose.

Video Wall

  • Relocatable high resolution video screen array.
  • Distributed Multihead X server, supporting OpenGL.

Wireless Networking

  • Dedicated 8 channels in the 5 GHz band (5.15 to 5.35 GHz) using a 52-subcarrier OFDM at a maximum data rate of 54 MBits/s available.