2011 CSEE Research Review – Poster Presentations

11:00am-12:00pm Friday, 6 May 2011

Undergraduate Students

  • Ross A. Pokorny (Advisor: Tim Finin andAnupam Joshi), ebiquity
    Tweet Collector: A Framework for Retrieving, Processing, and Storing Live Data from Twitter
  • Morgan A. Madeira and Rachel Sweeton (Advisor: Anupam Joshi), ebiquity
    Finding Communities through Social Media

MS Students

  • Akshaya Iyengar (Advisor: Tim Finin), ebiquity
    Estimating Temporal Boundaries for Events Using Social Media Data
  • Mohit Kewalramani (Advisors: Tim Finin and Anupam Joshi), ebiquity
    Detecting Communities on Twitter
  • Adrian Rosebrock and Jesus Caban (Advisors: Nicholas and Jesus Caban)
    Automatic Pill Identification Using Polar Shape Matrices and Haar Wavelet Decompositions
  • Aniket Bochare, Darshana Dalvi and Yelena Yesha (Advisor: Yelena Yesha)
    Genome-based Clinical Decision Support System
  • Nagapradeep Chinnam (Advisors: Tim Finin and Anupam Joshi), ebiquity
    Group Recognition in Social Networks
  • Radhika Dharurkar (Tim Finin and Anupam Joshi), ebiquity
    Context Modeling and Reasoning Approach in Context-Aware Middleware for Activity Recognition
  • Amit Mahale (Advisors: Tim Finin and Anupam Joshi), ebiquity
    Group Centric Information Sharing Using Hierarchical Models
  • Pavan Kumar Kamaraju and Zary Segall (Advisor: Zary Segall), Convergent Design Lab
    Framework to investigate context-aware solutions for opportunistic content delivery
  • Yan Kang, Jaewook Kim and Yun Peng (Advisor: Yung Peng), ebiquity
    Extensible Dynamic Form for Supplier Discovery
  • Zhong Ren and Mohamed Younis (Advisor: Mohammed Yonis), Wireless Sensor Networks Lab
    Exploiting Architectural Techniques for Boosting Base Station Anonymity in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Charles Lohr (Advisor: Zary Segall), Center for Convergent Design
    Semantic Light: Building Blocks
  • Kavin Rathinam Kasinathan and Mohamed Younis (Advsior: M. Younis), Embedded Systems & Networks
    Distributed Approach for Mitigating Coverage Loss in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Sanket Gupte and Mohamed Younis (Advisor: Mohammad Younis), Embedded Systems & Networks
    Vehicular Networking for Intelligent and Autonomous Traffic Management
  • Jerome Lourdu Vikram Stanislaus and Tinoosh Mohsenin (Advisor: Tinoosh Mohsenin)
    Implementation of Full Parallel Low Density Parity Check Decoder for 802.11ad WLAN

PhD Students

  • Josiah Dykstra (Advisor: Alan Sherman), Cyber Defense Lab
    Understanding Issues in Cloud Forensics
  • Lushan Han and Tim Finin (Advisor: Tim Finin), ebiquity
    PowerRelations: A Question Answering System for Semantic Web Data
  • Varish Mulwad (Advisor: Tim Finin), ebiquity
    Generating Linked Data by Inferring the Semantics of Tables
  • Wenjia Li, Anupam Joshi and Tim Finin (Advisor: Anupam Joshi), ebiquity
    CARE-CPS: Context-Aware tRust Evaluation for Cyber-Physical System Using Policies
  • Robert Weiblen, Andrew Docherty, Jonathan Hu and Curtis Menyuk (Advisor: Curtis Menyuk)
    Calculation of the Expected Bandwidth for a Mid-Infrared Supercontinuum Source Based on AS23S3 Chalcogenide Photonoic Crystal Fibers
  • Lloyd Emokpae and Mohamed Younis (Advisor: Mohmmed Younis)
    Surface-Reflection Based Communication and Localization in Underwater Sensor Networks
  • Yichuan Gui, James Lo and Yun Peng (Advisors: Yun Peng and James Lo), ebiquity
    Training Neural Networks by Using Risk-Averting Error Criteria with a Dynamically Selected Risk- Sensitivity Index
  • Kostas Kalpakis, Shiming Yang and Yaacov Yesha
    Near Real-time Data Assimilation for the HYSPLIT Aerosol Dispersion Model
  • James Macglashan and Marie Desjardins (Advisor: Marie desJardin), MAPLE Lab
    General Online Policy Transfer between Problems with Different State Representations
  • James Cahill, Olukayode Okusaga, Weimin Zhou and Gary Carter (Advisor: Gary Carter)
    Stimulated Rayleigh Scattering (STRS) in Optical Fibers
  • Karuna P. Joshi (Advisor: Yelena Yesha and Tim Finin), ebiquity and Multicore Computational Center
    Lifecycle of Virtualized Services on the Cloud