Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Professional Studies: Digital Forensics

UMBC’s cybersecurity graduate program has added a new 12-credit post-baccalaureate certificate in professional studies focused on digital forensics.

The Digital Forensics certificate program is intended for early and mid-career IT and law- enforcement professionals who want to learn basic and advanced concepts and develop skills in the field of computer forensics. Students will understand the role of digital/computer forensics as a subspecialty of cybersecurity. Through firsthand experience using industry-standard forensic tools, techniques, and procedures in the digital forensic process, students will understand the incident-handling process, the special rules of evidence that apply to cybercrime investigations (i.e., chain of custody, search and seizure, forensic imaging), and the relevant state, federal, and/or regulatory frameworks governing such activities within different industry sectors (such as defense, healthcare, and financial services). The four-course, 12-credit certificate can be applied toward obtaining the MPS in Cybersecurity degree.

  • CYBR 620 Intro to Cybersecurity or CMSC equivalent (i.e., CMSC 626, CMSC 687)
  • CYBR 641 Computer Crime Investigations
  • CYBR 642 Introduction to Digital Forensics
  • CYBR 643 Advanced Digital Forensics