ACTIVE Center Open House

4:00-5:00pm Monday, 28 April 2014 in ENGR 231

The ACTIVE Center (Engineering 231) is a new classroom that was created by the CSEE Department with support from the Hrabowski Fund for Innovation, BAE Systems, and Northrup Grumman. The ACTIVE Center is designed to facilitate active student learning and laptop-based laboratory activities, and features movable furniture and whiteboards, a smart projector, and flat-panel displays around the room. We are also developing and documenting a “virtual environment” for the classroom, by creating “design patterns” for how computing technology can be used in this type of space to facilitate student learning.

The classroom came online in February 2014, and four pilot courses are currently being offered in the space. On Monday, April 28, we will hold an open house and presentation in the ACTIVE Center to show the campus community how an intentionally designed classroom space can increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes. The open house will include a presentation by Dr. Marie desJardins, a Hrabowski Academic Innovation Fellow and lead PI for the ACTIVE Center project, and a Q&A session with instructors and students who are currently teaching and learning in the ACTIVE Center. We will share best practices for developing and using similar teaching spaces, and will present the current policy for requesting to use the space for future classes.

Please note that no food or drink (other than covered containers of water) are permitted in the ACTIVE Center, but light refreshments will be provided in the hallway following the presentation.

Capacity is limited, so please RSVP. For more information, contact Marie desJardins ().