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How to set up your own wiki

1. Follow the instructions to set up your personal webspace.

2. Log in to

3. Go to your www directory (cd ~/www)

4. Run /usr/site/bin/ <wiki path>. This will create your wiki in ~/www/<wiki path>. For example, /usr/site/bin/ wiki will create ~/www/wiki.

5. Your wiki is now available at''username''/<wiki path>. Follow the instructions there to modify ~/www/<wiki path>/ to suit your needs.

6. Create a new user by going to the login page.

7. Edit again and go to the Security section. Uncomment the 'superuser' line and change YourName to your username. Uncomment the 'acl_rights_before' line and change YourName to your username there as well. By default, only read access is provided to users not explicitly granted write access. If you wish to grant world access, change the 'acl_rights_default' line to match the rights you wish to provide.

Note that creating a wiki will use approximately 10mb of your quota to start, and adding pages will increase its usage. We use the MoinMoin wiki engine, if you want to read up on how to use it.