Testing Cadence and Synopsys

From CSEE Documentation

Cadence and Synopsys are collections of software which are both run through our servers. However, before they can be run, a number of setup tasks need to be done.


This setup assumes that you are using a linux operating system with openssh.


First, you must connect to candence1.cs.umbc.edu via ssh. Make sure to enable X-forwarding using the the -Y flag on the ssh command if the program uses a GUI. For example:

 ssh -Y username@cadence1.cs.umbc.edu 

Sourcing Environment Variables

Once you have entered the server, verify you are running bash with the command:


Then source the environment variables files. They can be found in the "/umbc/software/scripts/" directory. Each program has it's own environment variable files, so find the one you need from the directory with the command

 ls /umbc/software/scripts

Cadence's environment file as of writing is "cadence_2021.bashrc" while the synopsys tools use the pattern of "env_synopsys_programname.sh". Once you have found the correct file, source it like so

 source /umbc/software/scripts/filename

With "filename" replaced with the correct environment file. For easier usage, you can add that "source" command to the "~/.bashrc" file, which will run each time you login.

Running the Program

Once you have successfully sourced the environment files, the program will have been added to your path, so you can run the program like usual.