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The CSEE Publication Manager, found at, allows users to upload their papers to the service for general availability on the web, and for RSS syndication. It is the successor of the ebiquity group's "papers" site.

Adding Publications

To add your publications, you will need to have an administrator grant you "contributor" access. Open a ticket using the web interface .

Verify that you have access by logging in at with your umbc username and password. (You should see a link on the right side that says "New Publication" once you've logged in).

To add your publication

  • log in
  • click on New Publication
  • fill out the form with the information about your publication
  • save changes

Making Changes to your Publications

To make changes to a publication, you will need "contributor" privileges, and either need to be an owner of the publication, or have "moderator" privileges. A publication's owner, moderator, or administrator can grant ownership of a publication. You will automatically own any publications that you have added, and they will be listed under My Publications (

If you need access to modify a publication (particularly, publication entries which have been ported from ebiquity's service), contact one of the moderators or administrators listed in the About section, above, and have them make you an owner of that publication.

To make changes to your publication's information:

  • click on My Publications, and click the publication to which you want to add attachments
  • Near the publication title, you should see an "update" link. Click on the link.
  • Make the desired changes, and click Save Changes at the bottom.
    • note: If you need to add more authors or editors than there are fields, add the maximum number of authors, and save changes. You will be presented with more fields to add additional authors and editors.

To add owners to a publication which you own:

  • find the publication to which you want to add owners
  • click the "owners" link, found near the publication title
  • add the umbc username of the person you wish to grant ownership to
    • note: a publication may have multiple owners

From the owners menu of a publication, you may also revoke ownership.

  • warning: be careful not to revoke your own ownership unless you really want to! you will have to request ownership to be able to edit that publication again

Adding Soft Copies and Attachments

Once you've added a publication to the service, you may add attachment files to it that will be publicly available.

To do so:

  • click on My Publications, and click the publication to which you want to add attachments
  • near the publication title, you should see a "Add Attachment" link

To remove attachments from a publication, or edit attachment descriptions:

  • find and click on the publication whose attachments you wish to edit
  • scroll to the bottom to find the list of attachments
  • click either the update or remove link corresponding to the desired attachment


The 20 most recently added publications will be available via RSS feed at

Publications are also available by tag at

example: an RSS feed of all publications which have the tag "foo" is available at: