From CSEE Documentation

CSEE computer account users are allowed to request one MySQL database. You may request any alphanumeric string as the name of your database, but if someone else has already taken that name they have precedence. The string you give is prepended with "user_", so if you request the database "foo" and nobody has taken it, you will be granted a database by the name "user_foo". We suggest that you pick a name that describes the purpose of your database rather than who owns it, although there is no prohibition on picking, say, your own username as a database name. However, if you're doing a group project, it may be a better idea to pick something related to the project, so if you graduate and someone else takes over the project, the name of the database will be sensible. It should be noted that disk space on the database server is at a premium and maximum database size is limited as measured in megabytes. Databases that grow too large in size will be asked to be migrated elsewhere.

To get a CSEE database account, submit a ticket through the standard interface at Please state that you want a database and what name you want for it.

Once you've been granted a CSEE database account, you can connect to it at on port 3306 (the standard port for MySQL), your UMBC username, and the password that you'll be given via email.