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About Me

I am a PhD student in computer science at University of Maryland Baltimore County, advised by Hamed Pirsiavash. Before this, I got my BS in computer science from Sharif University of Technology. Get my CV. My research is about machine learning,computer vision. In particular, I am intrested in self-supervised learning.

My Experiences

I worked at BasirTech as a computer vision researcher under the supervision of Prof Mostafa Kamali Tabrizi. My project was about Real-time Virtual Advertising in Broadcast systems. You can watch the results of my project in my YouTube channel.

I was Teacher-Assistant for the Computer Graphics course at Sharif University for Spring 2018 semester. I designed students assignments and created a webpage for their assignments. You can visit it here..

During the first and second years of University in Sharif, one of my friends and I started a start-up. We developed some applications in iOS/Android. You can download one of our games from here.


CompRess : Self-Supervised Learning by Compressing Representations Link to project page.