Sasikanth Avancha

Ph.D Candidate
Graduate Research Assistant
ebiquity Group
Dept of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Work Phone: 410-455-8776/2668

I am a PhD Candidate in the Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering   at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). I was admitted to Ph.D candidacy in May 2003 and expect to gradaute by Summer 2005. I received my M.S degree in CS from UMBC too. Mobile, wireless and pervasive computing in conjunction with network security form my core research interests. My Ph.D research focuses on wireless sensor network security and adaptivity using a holistic approach. As a graduate research assistant and member of the UMBC eBiquity research group , I have worked on research projects related to wireless ad-hoc (and not so ad-hoc) networks. My advisor is  Dr. Anupam Joshi , Associate Professor of Computer Science at UMBC.

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