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8th IEEE Visualization '97 Conference   p. 159
Dynamic color mapping of bivariate qualitative data

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Color is widely and reliably used to display the value of a single scalar variable. It is more rarely, and far less reliably, used to display multivariate data. Dynamic control over the parameters of the color mapping results in a more effective environment for the exploration of multivariate spatial distributions. The paper describes an empirical study comparing the effectiveness of static versus dynamic representations for the exploration of qualitative aspects of bivariate distributions. In this experiment, subjects made judgments about the correspondence of the shape, location, and magnitude of two patterns under conditions with varying amounts of random noise. Subjects made significantly more correct judgements (p
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Index Terms- data visualisation; bivariate qualitative data; dynamic color mapping; single scalar variable value display; multivariate data display; dynamic parameter control; multivariate spatial distributions; static representations; dynamic representation; shape; location; magnitude; random noise; feature shape; relative positions

Citation:  P. Rheingans. "Dynamic color mapping of bivariate qualitative data," vis, vol. 00,  no. ,  p. 159,  8th  1997.

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