FYS 103a: 
Thinking with Visualization

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department 
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Visualization Critiques Assignment

Due: Feb 8, Mar 1, Mar 15, 2007

Project Description

Write a critical analysis of two visualization examples, one you believe to be effective and one you believe to be bad. Each critique should include a citation describing its source, including publication name, author/artist (if available), date, and page. Be prepared to present your critiques to the class for group analysis. Bring a copy (hard or soft) of your image to show the class.

What to discuss

Each analysis should be between a half and a full page of prose (whole sentences and paragraphs) and should address the following issues:

Where to look

Look in any publication that communicates large amounts of information. Mass market science publications are a good bet (Science, Science News, Scientific American). Newspapers (especially USA Today) are possibilities. Lots of interesting visualizations are available on the web. For those, print a black and white copy and include a URL. Be creative.