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Assignment 2

Construction 1

Due Date: February 15 and 22, 2007

Use software tools to create thematic map visualizations of public domain data. Create five very different visualizations by varying the design decisions. Discuss your experiences and your results. The objectives of this assignment are:

Some available tools

Each of these are freely available at no cost. Other tools may be acceptable. One key characteristis of a good tool for this assignment is the ability to change the appearance of the map by changing the mapping parameters. If you find something freely available that you'd like to use, drop me an email so that I can take a look and judge its suitability.


This project is due in two phases.

Alpha Phase -- Due Feb 15

Look into each tool listed above to judge how well it would address your goals. Select which tool you will use to create your images, which data you will visualize, and what images you plan to produce. Discuss your decision in a report of approximately one page, including:

Final Phase -- Due Feb 22

Submit five different visualizations of your data. These visualizations might use different color choices, different symbols, different scales or intervals, or different visualization techniques. Discuss each visualization (about a paragraph). Discuss the ease of use and utility of the tool.

Grading Standards

The alpha phase will be graded for existence (ie. did you describe each choice and include an image). It will count for 30% of your grade.

The final phase will count for 70% of your grade. Images will be graded on effectiveness, originality, and distinctness. Discussions will be graded on quality of insights and content of analysis.

All text is expected to be in clear and correct English.

What to turn in

Turn in a printed copy in class on the day due. If your images are in color and you do not have access to a color printer, also mail me a pdf copy of your report.