Paper Analysis and Discussion Assignments

Paper Analysis and Discussion Assignment

Minimum of before class Sept 19, Oct 12, Nov 2, Nov 16, Dec 7

Your assignment is post a high-quality analysis of each pair of papers, respond to other students analyses, and participate in the class discussions of these papers. Your analysis should be between a paragraph and a page, but thoughtful content counts more than length. Your analysis should be in correct and coherent English -- spelling, grammar, and punctuation count. Post your analysis on Piazza, in the folder "paper_analysis".


Some issues you might address in your analysis are: Grading

Your grade for this component of the course will reflect the thoughtfulness of your analyses, the constructiveness of your responses to the posts of others, the clarity and precision of your presentation, and the quality of your contributions in class. While this grade is not directly about the quantity of your participation, you are expected to be a regular participant.