Paper Presentation, Discussion, and Review Assignments

Paper Presentation, Discussion, and Review Assignment

Various Due Dates

Your assignment is to present two technical research papers to the class, lead a discussion on those papers, participate in the discussions led by your classmates, and review three draft papers.

Paper Presentations

You should plan to spend about 25 minutes presenting the paper. Your presentation should have the format of a conference technical paper presentation, including relevent figures and images. For some papers, you may be able to find video clips (esp SIGGRAPH papers).

After your presentation, lead a discussion of the merits of the paper including such issues as:

Sign up for two papers as soon as possible for best selection. First request for a paper (via email) gets priority. If you discover that you cannot lead the discussion on a date that you have chosen, it is your responsibility to find someone to swap with you.

Paper Discussions

For each paper on the reading list, turn in one thoughtful question about that paper at the beginning of the class when it is scheduled for presentation. You are encouraged, but not required, to ask this question of the person presenting that paper. Questions about papers scheduled for the same day may be grouped on a single piece of paper.

Paper Draft Reviews (due Dec. 5)

Write constructive reviews of the project paper drafts of three project teams (assigned by the instructor). Write a substantive review which discusses strengths and weaknessess of each paper and makes suggestions for improvement. You will be given a specfic format for reviews when papers are assigned. Your reviews will be distributed to the paper authors, as well as other classmates who reviewed that paper.


Your grade for this component of the course will reflect how you present your papers, how you lead the class discussion about your papers, how you participate in discussions about other papers led by your classmates, and how constructively your review technical papers. Taken together, this accounts for 15% of your course grade.