CMSC 491A/691A: 
Artistic Rendering

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department 
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Media Specification

Due: October 3, 2006

Project Description

Construct a specification of the characteristics of an artistic media or style. Each specification should include description of the characteristics of the media/style, a citation for an analytic or how-to book about the media/style, a representative artist, and a representative picture. Be prepared to present your media specification to the class for group analysis.

What to discuss

Each specification should discuss the following issues:

What to turn in

Your specification should be about two pages of prose (whole sentences and paragraphs). Include a scanned or downloaded representative image (be sure to credit the source). Turn in a hard copy in class. If color is important to the image, you may also email a pdf version of the assignment. Bring a copy of your image (and optionally others) to class and be prepared to give a 5-10 minute presentation on your media/style.