CMSC 436/636: 
Data Visualization

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department 
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Visualization Critique Mania

Due: September 25, 2017: 5pm EDT

Project Description

Write a critical analysis of two visualization examples, one you believe to be effective and one you believe to be ineffective or misleading. Each critique should include a citation describing its source, including publication name, author/artist (if available), date, and URL (if applicable).

Come prepared to present your examples and analysis to the class, with a one minute time limit for each example. We will hold an elimination-style competition to determine the best and worst visualizations. Winning visualizations will receive extra credit.

What to discuss

Each analysis should be between a half and a full page of prose (whole sentences and paragraphs) and should address the following issues:

Where to look

Look in any publication that communicates large amounts of information. Visualizations can be intended for either specialty or general audiences.

What to turn in

Mail a copy of your images (or links to them) to the instructor before 5pm on September 25. Bring a hard copy of your critique (with embedded images) to turn in during class on September 26.