CMSC /436636: 
Data Visualization

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department 
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Supplementary Data Analysis Assignment

Due: October 26, 2017 (LOI by October 19)

Mandatory for those in 636, XC for those in 436

Project Description

In this assigment, you will apply one of the classic data analysis algorithms useful in supplementing visualization techniques. Analysis steps you may consider include:

Technique Choice and Data

Ideally, you should work on the data for your project to do some useful function that will improve your project results. If two members of the project team are completing this assignment, they should choose substantially different analysis techniques or approaches, in order to avoid duplication of effort. See the instructor to clarify what constitutes substantially different or for help arbitrating technique selection. By Oct 19, email the instructor to get approval for your choice of analysis technique and how you plan to use it to analyze or preprocess project data. Feel free to email earlier for approval and suggestions.

What to turn in

Turn in a one to two page report about your analysis including citations for packages and tools you used, discussion of analytic goals, discussion of parameters and options, some sort of representative before and after images showing the effects of your analysis, a caption explaining what the images show about the data, a description of difficulties faced, a list of problems or limitatons remaining, and a list of sources consulted. Turn in a hard copy of the report in class and post your results report on piazza.