CMSC 635: Advanced Computer Graphics

TR 1:00-2:15, ITE 239

Instructor: Dr. Penny Rheingans ( rheingan AT

ITE 355 (455-3554); Office Hour: Tues 2:15-4:00; by appt; when my door is open

Prerequisite: CMSC 435/634 or equivalent

Text: Real-Time Rendering, Tomas Akenine-Moller and Eric Haines, AK Peters, 2002. Required.

Technical papers -- available on-line.

Description: Advanced image synthesis including review of graphics pipeline, shading, texturing, illumination, anti-aliasing, perception, image accuracy, image-based rendering, and non-photorealistic rendering.


Programming assignments require the use of the C programming language. These assignments may be time-consuming. START EARLY! A tentative list is given below:
Weight Description Due Date
Asst 1 10% Volume Rendering Feb 20
Asst 2 10% Modeling and Shading March 19
Asst 3 10% Paper Presentation varies
Asst 4 45% Individual Project by phase

Late Policy

Assignments are to be submitted electronically before midnight of the day listed. Late assignments can be submitted up to one week late and will be penalized 20 percent of the possible score. Assignments will not be accepted more than one week late.

Academic Honesty

All assignments and exams in the course are expected to be your INDIVIDUAL work. You may discuss assignments with anyone. Any help you receive, however, must be documented. At the beginning of each program you must include a comment indicating the sources you used while working on it (excluding course staff and text) and the type of help you received from each. If you received no help, say so. Failure to include this comment at the top of your program will result in your program being returned ungraded. Term projects may be done in groups of two, with permission. Two person projects are expected to be more ambitious than single person projects.


Grades will be based on programming assignments (20%), project (45%), paper presentations (10%), and final exam (25%).

Tentative Schedule

Required reading should be completed BEFORE the first date listed below for maximum benefit. Papers for each topic are also required reading. Notes are available on line.
Date Topic Required Text Reading
Jan 27/29 Overview; Basics C 1-4
Feb 3/5 Sampling/Anti-aliasing C
Feb 10/12 Volume Rendering
Feb 17/19 Texture C 5
Feb 24/26 Texture
Mar 2/4 Proposals; LightingC 6
Mar 9/11 Lighting
Mar 16/18 Global Illumination C 11-12
Mar 30/Apr 1 Shading Results; Progress Rpts
Apr 6/8 Non-Photorealistic Rendering
Apr 13/15 Non-Photorealistic Rendering
Apr 20/22 Image-based and Point-based Rendering
Apr 27/29 Image-based and Point-based Rendering
May 4/6 Project Presentations
May 13 Final Exam, 1-3pm