IS101Y/CMSC104Y: First Year IT

Assignment 4
Data Analysis and Presentation
Draft due October 26, 2012 Presentation due November 1, 2012
Your task for this assignment is to use common tools to anaylze and present data about technology majors here at UMBC. Your intended audience is the COEIT Dean, Provost, and President of UMBC (OK, so they won't actually be there, but you should tailor your presentation to be appropriate for them). Your goal it to brief them on what it's like to be a technology major at UMBC, using data to support your points. Present the supporting data in a visual form (ie, charts and graphs). This is a group assignment. You will complete it with your team, with each team member contributing to the result. Each team will turn in one joint document and give a joint presentation in class on November 1. A draft of your presentation is due October 26. You will receive feedback on presentation choices about content, analysis, and style.

The Data

The website of the UMBC Office of Institutional Research ( contains a wealth of information about UMBC. This assignment will focus on information found in the Databook (listed in the menu at the left of the screen). The website provides data in .pdf format. On Blackboard, some of the same tables are available in a CSV (Comma Separated Value) format. You should be able to load the CSV files directly into Excel. Or you can choose to create Excel files manually from the information in the .pdf files. You may use whichever method you prefer. In particular, you will look at information about:

The Questions

Each team will construct a presentation about one COEIT major and one demographic group, showing trends in each and comparing them to averages of all UMBC students. Each team will draw their major and demographic group assignments randomly in class. Your job is to examine the available data and present it in an informative graph.

For your assigned major, show the enrollment trend over the last five years. Include the time to degree and average cumulative GPA for the most recent year available. Compare to UMBC overall enrollment trends and time to degree and cumulative GPA.

For your assigned demographic group, show the enrollment trend (expressed as a percentage) in each COEIT major over the last five years. Compare to UMBC overall enrollment trends for your demographics group.

The Presentation

Each team will create and deliver a seven minute presentation of their analysis to the class. Your presentation should include 2-3 slides on each of your assigned major and demographic group. Your slides should include a mix of qualitative information (ie, what is it like to be in in that group) and quantitative (ie, graphs and charts showing the numerical evidence for your qualitative assessment). Your last slide should suggest 2-3 actions that UMBC can take to improve the experience/education of technology majors and 2-3 questions/issues that you think warrant further investigation. Each member of the group should present at least one slide. We will strictly enforce the seven minute time limit. `

Additional Exercise

Use Access to create a database of student information and execute queries.


Access Tutorials can be found here:

What to turn in

Submit your presentation slides and database with queries using Blackboard.