Using CVS to get assignments for grading


For the basics, look at the instructions for student checkins

Initial checkout

Instead of checking out a single user directory, you want a copy of the whole repository

cvs -d /afs/ checkout -d grading-directory .

Getting copies for grading

cd grading-directory
cvs update -d -D 'date' */assignment

Or to get a single student's late assignment

cd grading directory
cvs update -d -D 'date' student-login/assignment

The date format is 'mm/dd[/yy] 24-hour:time timezone'. For example an assignment due September 11th, you might use '9/12 0:00 EDT'.

Checking in grades

Edit file containing grade and comments (e.g. grade.txt) in the assignment directory for each student. Then check in these files

cvs add */assignment/grade.txt
cvs ci -m "assignment X grades"

Learning more

List of all CVS commands

cvs help

Help on any one CVS command

cvs --help command

General CVS manuals, downloads, etc.: