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The vision of real-time shading - Mark
Chapter 14, Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques, Alan Watt and Mark Watt, Addison-Wesley.
(c)1992 ACM Press. Reprinted with permission
PixelFlow - Olano
Marc Olano, "PixelFlow Shading Language"
Jon Leech, "OpenGL Extensions and Restrictions for PixelFlow", UNC CS Technical Report TR98-019.
(c)1997 UNC, Chapel Hill. Reprinted with permission.
Parameterized solid texturing - Hart
John C. Hart, Nate Carr, Masaki Kameya, Stephen A. Tibbitts, Terrance J. Coleman, "Antialiased Parameterized Solid Texturing Simplified for Consumer-Level Hardware Implementation", Proceedings of the 1999 Eurographics/SIGGRAPH Workshop on Graphics Hardware.
(c)1999 ACM. Reprinted with permission.
Masaki Kameya and John C. Hart, "Bresenham Noise"
John C. Hart and Peter K. Doenges, "A Framework for Analyzing Real-Time Advanced Shading Techniques"
RenderMan on extended OpenGL - Olano
Translating a Shader to Multipass
Texture shaders - McCool
Michael D. McCool, "SMASH: A Next-Generation API for Programmable Graphics Accelerators", Computer Graphics Lab, Department of Computer Science, University of Waterloo. (Primary copy at University of Waterloo)
Uses of environment maps - Heidrich
Wolfgang Heidrich, "Environment Maps and Their Applications"
Solid map - Hart
Nate Carr, John Hart and Jerome Maillot, "The Solid Map: Methods for Generating a 2-D Texture Map for Solid Texturing"
Stanford real-time programmable shading - Proudfoot
Example Shaders
SGI interactive shading language - Olano
Marc Olano, "Interactive Shading Language, Language Description". (Primary copy in OpenGL Shader distribution)
A Collection of Useful References