Assignment 2: Real-Time NPR

CMSC 635, Spring 2008

Due April 3, 2008


Modify any of the XNA samples from to use stroke based NPR. Your final program should run on the XBox 360s in the lab. Your NPR algorithm can create or change geometry, operate in a shader on the surface, operate in a shader across all image pixels, or any combination. You should, however, render more than just silhouette strokes.

What to turn in

Submit to the class CVS submission repository. Check in all program files and data, as well as a readme.txt by 11:59 PM on the day of the deadline. Look at what files are included in the XNA examples for an idea of the minimal set you need to check in. The readme.txt should include a statement of what outside help you used, including references to key papers, as well as people, books, or web sites. You may not use outside code in addition to the XNA sample code, but the core NPR algorithm code must be your own. Your readme.txt should also include an informal description of your project. While the write-up may be informal, I may count off for spelling and grammar. Please proofread before you turn it in. The write up shoud describe what you did, how you did it, how well you think it worked, and what further work you might do. Include some directions on what the controls do, so I'll know how to run it.

Show and tell

In the next class day after the project is due, we'll look at each running assignment in class. Be prepared to informally explain what methods you used and how well you think they worked.