Assignment 1: Volume Rendering

CMSC 635, Spring 2008

Due March 6, 2008


Using any of the techniques discussed in class, render the three volumes in You should be able to render this data from an arbitrary viewpoints. If the method you choose uses an isosurface threshold, you should be able to set this value. If it uses a transfer function, you should provide some way to set the transfer function (e.g. by interpolating a full transfer function from several fixed values, or by loading from a 1D image).

What to turn in

Submit to the class CVS submission repository. Turn in all program files for your volume renderer, at least a couple interesting images of each volume, and a readme.txt by 11:59 PM Thursday, March 6th. The readme.txt should include a statement of what outside help you used, including people, books, or web sites. You may not use outside code for the volume rendering, though you may use outside data structures or image loading code if you choose. Your readme.txt should also include an informal description of your project. While the write-up may be informal, I may count off for spelling and grammar. Please proofread before you turn it in. The write up shoud describe what you did, how you did it, how well you think it worked, and what further work you might do. Include what hardware you used (it is not necessary to use the gl.umbc systems, though you must submit there), and how to run it.

Show and tell

On March 11th, I'd like to spend just a couple of minutes each for you to show your best image and tell the class about it. Let me know in your write-up which image you'd like to use so I can have it loaded up and ready to go.