Assignment 2: Particle Systems

CMSC 635, Spring 2007

Due April 5, 2007


Create a real-time particle system exhibiting some interesting behavior.

Your particle system can run on the CPU or GPU. It can render moving particles or geometric particle trajectories. It can run untouched or allow user interaction. Be creative.

You can use an existing graphics framework, but all particle system code (behavior, updates and rendering) should be your own. Be sure to document all external resources in your readme.txt. Like last time, since I may not be able to run your program directly, you should capture a short video of your program in action. Assignment results will be shown in class.

What to turn in

You will submit your work using cvs. Check in a readme.txt file telling me what external sources you used, what you did for your assignment, and what I should notice. Check in all of your source code files, and anything else that cannot be regenerated from them. Finally, check in your short captured video. If you use any special installed packges, document where they came from and which version, but do not include them in your submission. Do not include any compiled object files, libraries or executables. They won't do me any good, and can lead to strange hard to find bugs when compiled code not corresponding to your current source is resurrected from the repository.

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