Final Project Ideas

CMSC 635, Spring 2002

Feel free to come up with your own idea for the final project, but if you are having trouble deciding, here are some suggestions.‎‎

  1. Combine a class topic with a previous class or outside interest
    1. Visualization with interactive shaders.
    2. Augment your volume renderer for varying resolution volume sculpting.
  2. Combine class topics
    1. Do image-based acceleration of ray-tracing over a sequence of frames.
    2. Combine accelerated ray tracing with volume rendering
    3. Combine hardware polygon rendering with volume rendering
  3. Take a class idea further
    1. Interactive NPR — for a specific media? e.g. stained glass, tapestry, mosaic, sketch, oil paint, ...
    2. Texture synthesis on an object.
    3. Precompute part of the global illumination for a scene so you can make some class of changes interactive — move (some) objects, lights, view, etc.
    4. Implement your favorite simplification technique. Improve on it.
    5. Model the illumination for some interesting visual phenomenon — soap bubbles, knitwear or other fabric, light adaptation (aka tone mapping)
  4. Do a comparison between several techniques for the same thing. Record performance with identical data (or as close as is feasible). Try to come up with a formal classification. Does this suggest any new approaches?
    1. Compare recent texture-based BRDF approximations.
    2. Compare simplification algorithms
    3. Compare texture synthesis algorithm
  5. Propose a topic of your own