CMSC 635 Announcements

Important announcements will be posted here and updated throughout the semester.

Last announcement: Thu Apr 10 16:36 EDT 2003

Thu Apr 10 16:36 EDT 2003 -- Project Status reports

Project status reports are due next week. Regardless of which day you are presenting, you should get your written report to me Tuesday night.

On Monday, we'll hear the following status reports:

  • Mark Bolstad
  • Dennis Ondeng
  • Mike Meinhardt
  • Vlad Korolev
  • Kish Kundu

On Wednesday, we'll hear the following status reports:

  • Katie Hirsch
  • Shari Holstege
  • Dan Hood
  • Nate Smith

Wed Feb 19 14:00 EST 2003 -- Liberal late for project proposal

Project proposals are due Thursday, February 20th. Since we've lost two days of class to snow, I'm willing accept late proposals without the usual penalty. Your graded proposal will be ready to be returned or picked up by mid-afternoon (class time) two business days later. That's Monday if you turn it in Thursday, Tuesday if you turn it in Friday, etc. Even with the liberal late policy, keep in mind that you will need to address my comments on your proposal in your revised proposal and literature survey due Tuesday, March 4th.

Fri Feb 7 10:00 EST 2003 -- UMBC closed, project & presentation meetings delayed

Since UMBC is closed today due to snow, any project or presentation meetings will have to be delayed until next week. I will put up a new appointment sheet on Monday for appointments on Tuesday, February 11 to go over project ideas and so you can select a paper to present.

Thu Feb 6 15:20 EST 2003 -- Switch from blackboard

It's probably more of a problem with my model for working, but it is becoming a bit cumbersome to keep updating the course pages on blackboard without the ability to easily edit offline while keeping local links between documents. Consequently, I am switching all content pages to I will continue to post course announcements on the blackboard site, but all announcements will also appear at You may use the blackboard discussion board for discussions about the class and projects.

I have just set up an email list: for the class. It will only accept email from subscribed addresses. I subscribed everyone currently enrolled for the course at their address. If you want to change the address you use to send and receive mail on the list, or subscribe if you are not yet enrolled in the course, you can do so using the web interface at

Wed, Feb 5, 2003 -- Assignment 1 and Project Proposal deadline change

To allow everyone the full opportunity to use the ray tracing speedups covered in BOTH ray tracing lectures, I've decided to push the assignment 1 due date back to Thursday, February 13th, with the write-up due 3:30 Friday (rather than 3:30 Wednesday at the start of class).

To avoid also short-changing the proposal, I'm also pushing that back two days to Thursday, February 20th.

I still expect to hear from each of you about which paper you will be presenting and the general idea for your project by this Friday, February 7th.

Sat, Feb 1, 2003 -- Assignment 1 posted & updated

An electronic version of assignment 1 is posted here (under assignments) and on my cs home page. It has been slightly updated since the first version posted Friday, if you looked at that one, check it again. Specifically, I did added some timing tests on an changed which tests you are to time based on that timing data (and the desire to give you somewhere to go when making it faster).

The ray tracer source has also been updated, as the original code used the older "%F" when the gcc on the systems preferes the newer "%lf". If you copied the ray tracer before Saturday 2/1, you may need to make that change to your copy.

Tue, Jan 28, 2003 -- Room Change to ECS 022!

We are being moved: from Wednesday on, we'll be meeting in ECS 022.

Tue, Jan 28, 2003 -- New Deadline: Feb 7

Everyone should plan to talk to me by the end of the second week of class about their ideas for the term project and which subject area or paper they'd like to do for the class presentation.