1. Define project: *User Stories* 1. Who, what, why 1. Everything from base mechanics to data collection to internal tools 1. Big picture items 1. Why is important: allows negotiation for alternate solutions 1. Examples: 1. As *a player*, I want to *double jump* so I can *have skill-based shortcuts through the levels* 1. As *the client*, I want to *collect client data* so I can *track how much players replay the game* 1. As *an artist*, I want *a tool to build sprite sheets* so I can *generate character art more efficiently* 1. Turn stories into *Product backlog* 1. Tasks to complete the game 1. Still pretty big picture (e.g. character double-jump) 1. Each sprint, select items for *Sprint backlog* 1. Break down to individual tasks with times 1. Art: animate double-jump sprite sheet 1. Prog: detect double-jump control 1. Prog: trigger double-jump animation 1. Prog: execute double-jump 1. Design: Create double-jump opportunity in one level 1. Design: Tune control timing and jump height 1. Only schedule if **everyone** critical to the task has time budget available
1. Update task board 1. Move a task from not started to in progress 1. Update time remaining 1. Move from in progress to done 1. Scrum meeting 1. **QUICK!!!** 1. Tradition is to stand, so no one gets comfortable 1. Each person answers three questions: 1. What have I done since last meeting? 1. What will I do by next meeting? 1. What impediments? 1. DO NOT attempt to solve problems * Identify problems, set up post-scrum time for solution 1. Example: 1. You can now double jump if you hit jump again within half a second of a collision with a wall 1. By next meeting I'll going to trigger the double-jump animation and physics. 1. I'm using a temporary sprite sheet, but I really need the real double-jump animation 1. **after the meeting** 1. animator and programmer can meet about the missing animation 1. could involve the art lead or producer to reprioritize or reassign the animation 1. After sprint 1. Evaluate game 1. Update product backlog (reprioritize, cut or add features)