1. Do not expect to be a complete game
  2. Identify the essence of the game, focus on that
    1. If art style or mood, make sure that comes through
      1. Hand-drawn
      2. Retro
      3. Cartoon
      4. Art deco
    2. If some game mechanic, show that mechanic
      1. Does it work?
      2. Is it fun???
    3. If some new tech, demo it
      1. User-generated content
      2. Procedural terrain
  3. Expect/plan to throw away your prototype
    1. Prototype needs shortcuts to get done
    2. Easier to redo once you've done it once
      1. Plus you know more how to do it "right"
    3. Don't even need to use the same tools
      1. 2D prototypes
      2. Physical gameplay prototypes
  4. Remember, the prototype is a development and internal marketing tool
    1. Will it work
    2. Does it make you want to see what the full version could be?
    3. Will it get your game made?