Prototype Demo Rubric

Art 488 / CMSC 493, Spring 2013


  1. Build a prototype game
  2. Show key features of the full game
  3. Present & demo the prototype
  4. Convince us your game is so awesome we have to make it


40% Prototype
[     ] 25% Playable
    Is your prototype working and playable?
[     ] 15% Representitive
    Does your prototype demonstrate the key elements of your game?
20% Presentation Mechanics
[     ] 10% Ready to present
[     ] 10% Pitch completed in less than 10 minutes. PRACTICE!!!
40% Presentation Content
[     ] 5% Introduction
    Tell us the name of your game and introduce everyone and their role on the prototype. Role can just be artist/programmer, or can be more specific.
[     ] 10% Pitch update
    Our game industry mentors didn't see your pitch, and with 34 pitches not everyone will remember exactly what you had planned. Remind us of what you planned, and tell us if/how it changed in the prototype.
[     ] 10% Demonstrate the game
    One team member should play the game while another points out key features.
[     ] 5% Future plans
    If you are able to continue with a bigger team, what will you add. What additional people will your game need?
[     ] 5% Sell the prototype
    Argue why your game should be picked. Does it offer opportunities for great programming portfolio material? Does it offer opportunities for great art portfolio material? Will it offer something inique in game design, programming or art that will get it noticed outside of class? Do you have believable plans to target a specific game contest or sell/distribute the game?
5% Selection
[     ] 5% Your game is picked!