Game Pitch Rubric

Art 488 / CMSC 493, Spring 2011


  1. Write an elevator pitch
  2. Think about demographics
  3. Present a pitch to a sympathetic group
  4. Come up with an awesome game idea
  5. Make a project that could get done


25% Presentation Mechanics
[     ] 10% 2 sets of slides, printed out, and with your name on them
[     ] 15% Pitch completed in less than 3 minutes. PRACTICE!!!
60% Presentation Content
[     ] 15% (~20 sec) Intro: two sentence description of the game
    These should give your name, the working title, genre, and say how your game is a new fun version of this
[     ] 10% (~30 sec) Demographics: A short description of your game's target audience
    Give the name(s) of similar game(s) that have succeeded, and describe how it is similar to what you want to do. For full credit, present a fresh idea. For half credit, simply say "It's like Street Fighter"
[     ]   +10% Credibly link the game to the theme of an open game development contest
[     ] 10% (~40 sec) Game Mechanic: A description of the sense of playing the game
    Describe how the game is fun. Describe what the player is doing. You get full credit for a vivid, clear description of game play. You lose points if you don't effectively convey what the game will be.
[     ] 15% (~60 sec) Technical Defense: How will the game work, and how will it be possible for you to make it
    Include resources (people and skills) needed for the prototype, and to turn the prototype into a full game.
[     ] 10% (~30 sec) Mockup screen shot
    Art students are expected to have a much more complete and compelling mock up. You should explicitly address the artistic style of your game.
15% Excellence
[     ] 5% The slides look good and are effective
[     ] 5% I think the game is interesting
[     ] 5% Someone wants to help you make your game