You will change your game from assignment 3 to use a SQL database instead of components to store its data.

The Database

I recommend SQLite, mySQL or PostgreSQL, all of which are free. Between those, you should be able to find interfaces for a variety of source languages. Each of your component arrays and maps will become a database table. In addition, you should store your player data in database tables as well.


Provide one program (or an option to your main program) to initialize the data for a fresh play of the game. Otherwise, the data should be persistent from run to run, allowing the player to quit the game and restart where they left off.


You should a quit command to end the current session. Otherwise, the gameplay logic should be the same as used for your Assignment 3, just relying on database queries for all state data.

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Replicate all of the behavior of your assignment 3, including loading data from a file.


Edit "assn4/README.txt" to describe your test computer (at least OS and CPU), what language and compiler you used, and how to build and run your project. Give a cheat script for what commands to use to go through to pick up a key, unlock a door, and move through it. Also include anything interesting we should know about your game and implementation.