1. Course Resources
    1. Instructor: Marc Olano
      • Office ITE 354: TuTh 4:00-5:00 (after class)
    2. Grader: Pankaj Guleria
      • Not TA. Available for grading questions only
    3. Text: Data Oriented Design, Richard Fabian (online only)
    4. Class page (NOT blackboard!)
    5. Piazza
      1. Ask and answer questions
      2. Some of you have already started!
    6. Bitbucket
      1. GIT repository per student
      2. Necessary for submission!
      3. You should have received invite email
      4. Sign up, clone repository, start working
      5. Check in multiple times during development (part of your grade!)
      6. Push when done (or more often)
    7. Class
      1. You are expected to be here.
      2. I am not responsible for material covered in class that you miss.
      3. Office hours are not for a recap of a missed class.
      4. If you are going to miss class, make friends who take good notes.
      5. Note taker request:

        A peer note taker has been requested for this class. A peer note taker is a volunteer student who provides a copy of his or her notes for each class session to another member of the class who has been deemed eligible for this service based on a disability. Peer note takers will be paid a $200 stipend for their service. Peer note taking is not a part time job but rather a volunteer service for which enrolled students can earn a stipend for sharing the notes they are already taking for themselves. If you are interested in serving in this important role, please fill out a note taker application on the Student Support Services website or in person in the SSS office in Math/Psychology 213.

  2. Grading
    1. 10% each: 6 programming assignments
    2. 20%: In class midterm
    3. 20%: Final exam, May 17
    4. No curve, but extra credit