CMSC 491/691, Spring 2012


Choose an interesting simple idea for an interactive application. It can run on the platform of your choice, using the tools of your choice. Project ideas must be cleared with me in advance, and I may suggest changes after you submit your project topic.

The project should include at least one technically interesting feature. For students in 491, a technically interesting feature could be any new or recent graphics game technique. For students in 691, the technically interesting feature should be not normally seen in games (yet), possibly something from a research paper, possibly something you could turn into a research paper after the semester is over.


There are a couple of things I'd particularly like to see this semester. To encourage these, I'll award 10 bonus points for anyone whose projects includes one of these: uses the PixelSync, uses a Kinect, or uses GPU computing.

In addition, I have a couple of specific projects I'd like to see attempted. If you want to do one of these, send me an email saying so, giving your background and strengths, and why you think you are the best person to do this project. These projects are 1) enhanced LEAN/LEADR mapping (requires confidence with probability, filtering, and calculus), and 2) area light approximation (requires confidence with linear algebra, calculus, and function approximation). Attempting one fo these will be worth 20 bonus points.

In Class Presentations

Each project will be required to give a final in-class presentations. The final presentation should be approximately 10 minutes long. It should include slides in the style of a GDC presentation on your technically interesting feature: what it is, how it works, and how it would fit into a game. Demos are strongly encouraged. If necessary, we will move the presentations for that day to other on-campus locations to accomodate project demos.

Written Report

Students enrolled in CMSC 691 must also write a report on their project. This report should focus on their individual technical feature, and should be written in the style of a chapter from a book like GPU Gems. Students in the same group should submit separate reports on their own technical features.


Apr 9 Have chosen a topic, discussed it with me, and and had it approved
Apr 23 Email update on your project status
May 6/9/13 In class project presentations.