CMSC 491E/691E: Computer Graphics for Games



This project is to be done in groups of 1 - 4. Work on the project should be proportional to the number of people on your team. Larger teams may give the opportunity to complete a more ambitious project, but also introduce more coordination headaches. At the very least, I recommend that your team designate someone as the technical lead to manage the work of the other team members.


Choose an interesting simple idea for an interactive application. This may be a game, driving or flight simulator, engaging interactive experience, or anything else that you and your team choose. Project ideas must be cleared with me in advance.

The project should include at least one technically interesting feature. By technically interesting feature, I mean something not normally seen in games, possibly something from a research paper, possibly something you could turn into a research paper after the semester is over. Note that the I3D conference next year will have a specific focus on research with game applications, so this is a perfect chance to try out some new ideas. I can provide some publications with good ideas for interaction, rendering, shading, etc.


Feb 26 Email with project topic
Apr 7 One person from each group gives a short (<5 minute each) progress report in class
May 3 Conference-style written paper
May 3-10 In-class project presentations