CMSC 491E/691E: Computer Graphics for Games

Assignment 1


Due February 5, 2004

The Assignment

  1. Choose a machine (preferably with hardware graphics acceleration) to use for at least the next three assignments. You will need C++ development tools on this machine. Wild Magic
  2. Download the latest Wild Magic from Magic Software (Version 0.2 is on the CD that came with your book, but version 2.2 is the latest downloadable version). You do not need "Game Physics" (that's for a different book).
  3. Determine what other libraries you need and get them too. Look to the Wild Magic release notes for which these are. At the very least, you'll need OpenGL or DirectX (one or both may already be installed on your system, and new drivers can often be found on your graphics card manufacturer's web site – as a last resort, the Mesa software OpenGL libraries should work)
  4. Build Wild Magic and its sample applications
  5. Modify one of the existing sample applications to render a model with texture and lighting. If the application you choose to modify already does one or more of these, change it: use a different model, different texture, different lights.
  6. Be creative! I'll give up to 5 points extra credit for creativity.

What to turn in

Email to me a zip file or gzipped tar file containing: