CMSC 435/634: Introduction to Computer Graphics

Grade Checker

Enter each grade as a percentage, for example a 75 out of 75 on the midterm would be entered as 100. With extra credit, your percentage values may be over 100 (e.g. a perfect score on the final of 75 points plus 10 points extra credit would be 85/75 or 113%).

For 435, assignment grades are out of 100, so the assignment grade is the percentage. For 634, most assignment grades are out of something more than 100 (120 for assignment 2, 110 for assignment 4, etc.), so don't forget to compute those as percentages as well.

Your average on the 100% remaining needs to be at least:

90% to get an A
80% to get a B
70% to get a C
60% to get a D (or pass, if pass/fail)