CMSC 435/634: Introduction to Computer Graphics

Grade Checker

Enter each grade as a percentage, for example a 75 out of 75 on the midterm would be entered as 100. With extra credit, your percentage values may be over 100 (e.g. a perfect score on the final of 75 points plus all 10 points extra credit would be 85/75 or 113%).

For 435, assignment grades are out of 100, so the assignment grade is the percentage. For 634, most assignment grades are out of something more than 100 (120 for assignments 1 and 2), so don't forget to compute those as percentages as well.

Grades (percentage)
Weight in total grade

Your average on the 100% remaining needs to be at least:

90% to get an A
80% to get a B
70% to get a C
60% to get a D (or pass, if pass/fail)