Project, Phase 4

CMSC 411 / Olano, Fall 2013

In this phase of the project, you will add at at least one acceleration method discussed in class to your simulator: forwarding, branch prediction, etc. You can choose which to add, but remember that it will affect how your robot performs relative to the other robots.

We will run a robot tournament on the final day of class, so be sure (1) your project is turned in before class, and (2) that you have tested it with the robot arena program to make sure it will run as submitted.

Robot program

You may choose also choose to revise your robot program again. This final robot should be the one you want to compete in the tournament on the final day of class.

Working and Submitting

Continue work in the same CVS directory. Update your "readme.txt" to describes what acceleration you added, as well as how to build and run your program. As usual, include a description of any known problems or bugs.