Howard E. Motteler

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I work as an associate research scientist in the Atmospheric Spectroscopy Laboratory, a part of the Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. My work is in the areas of scientific computation and applications, including instrument modeling and calibration, passive infrared and microwave sounding, atmospheric radiative transfer calculations, and parallel and distributed processing. My Curriculum Vitae has an up to date list of software and publications. I've broken out pages from the CV for software, with links to GitHub, and teaching, with course listings and web pages.

I don't do social media, and my life goes more easily for it. But in the modern world you need some sort of web presence, so this is it, for me. I've had this rather basic page up, more or less as is, for 25 years now; initially mainly for links to the courses I was teaching, and now as a place-holder for any future projects.