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Knots & Classical Electrodynamics

Invited Lecture
Samuel J. Lomonaco, Jr. (*)
Short Course on Knots & Physics
Annual Meeting
American Mathematical Society
San Francisco, California
January, 1995


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Samuel J. Lomonaco, Jr.
                                                E-mail: Lomonaco@UMBC.EDU

Key words and Phrases. Lord Kelvin, Sir William Thomson, Peter Guthrie Tait, Knots, Electrodynamics, Electromagnetism, Energy, Magnetic Energy, Electrostic Energy, Magnetic Knots, Electrostatic Knots, Minimal Energy Knots, Vortices, Helicity, Magnetic Surfaces, Asymptotic Behavior Objective, Maxwell's Equations, Plasma Physics, Chern-Simon action, Gauge Theory

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