Letter of Recommendation

Please enclose the following with your requests for letters of

     1) A copy of a recent resume

     2) A copy of a recent transcript 
          (A non-official copy is fine.)

     3) A signed waiver of your right to see the letter(s) of
         recommendation.  No letter of recommendation will be 
         written without a signed waiver.

     4) A brief description of the job position(s) and/or the
         educational program(s) you are applying to.  This should
         include the name(s) and address(s) to which you wish
         the letter(s) of recommendation sent.

     5) A list of your accomplishments that you feel are
         important for the job position(s) and/or educational
         program(s) you are applying to.

     6) Any other material that you feel is relevant or
         helpful for someone writing a letter of recommendation

     7) A self addressed stamped envelope for returning
         materials to you.  

     8) An email address, in case I have any questions.