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Fall 2005
CMSC691D Distributed Data Mining
CMSC899 Doctoral Research 

Spring 2005
ENEE622 Information Theory
CMSC899 Doctoral Research 

Fall 2004
ENEE620 Probability and Random Process
CMSC899 Doctoral Research 

Spring 2004
CMSC691D Machine Learning
CMSC899 Doctoral Research
Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Fall 2003
Technical Writing (English Department)
Java Servlet and Java Server Pages Technique

Spring 2003
Quantum Computation
Agent based Information Retrieval
CMSC435/634 Compute Graphics (Teaching Assistant)

Fall 2002
CMSC634 Computer Graphics
CMSC671 Artificial Intelligence
CMSC202 Computer Science II for Majors (Teaching Assistant)

Summer 2002
CMSC645 Advanced Software Engineering
CMSC432 OOP Languages and Systems (Teaching Assistant)

Spring 2002
CMSC621 Numerical Computation
CMSC655 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
CMSC611 Advanced Computer Architecture
CMSC608 Graduate Seminar
CMSC341 Data Structur in C++ ( Teaching Assistant)

Fall 2001
CMSC621 Advanced Operating System
CMSC691D Introduction to Data Mining
CMSC341 Data Structure in C++ (Teaching Assistant)