Japanese War Crimes   ---- NANJING MASSACRE RECORD

Warning: The following document contains detailed descriptions of the Nanjing Massacre in 1937-1938. The brutality shown in the photos is beyond any human imagination.

1960, Department of History of the Nanjing University organized a detailed investigation on the Nanjing Massacre that took place from December 1937 to February 1938. In 1962, they compiled a historical record "the Nanjing Massacre of Imperial Japan". The following is the translation of a portion in the 1979 edition. For more information about Nanjing Massacre, see docs at: http://www.cnd.org/njmassacre

I translated this document because little about the Japanese war crimes in China is known to the world due to many reasons. Japanese contsantly deny these crimes and are trying to distort history by claiming that Japan liberated Asian nations. They claim that Pearl Harbor was never a sneak attack. And they also claim Nanjing massacre was a lie that the US used to find excuses for dropping the A-Bombs on them. The war criminals that led the Nanjing Massacre are enshrined by the the Japanese as 'martyr's. Almost all of the murderers in Nanjing have not been brought to justice.

Nanjing Massacre (Dec. 1937-- Feb. 1938)

  1. Rape of Nanking Nanjing Massacre Part I Atrocities in Asia Documentary on YouTube

  2. Rape of Nanking Nanjing Massacre Part II Atrocities in Asia Documentary on YouTube

  3. The situation before the fall of Nanjing

  4. The brutal killings on two main streets

  5. Massacres along the Yangtze River

  6. Massacres around the city

  7. Street purge

  8. Killing competitions of the Japanese

  9. Cruel killing games

  10. Heaps of bodies

  11. Rape of Nanjing

  12. Conclusion

Summary information about the Nanjing Massacre

Eye witnesses of Nanjing Massacre

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From first deleting all mention of the Nanjing Massacre from their history books to completely denying the Massacre, the Japanese are now even portraying themselves as the saviors of the Asian nations.