Ongoing Research Projects

Oblivious Cloud Storage

Cloud storage architecture that provides a high level of confidentiality

Automated Legal Document Analytics

Automating the process of extracting, managing and monitoring cloud SLA using text mining and Semantic Web technologies

IP Reputation Scoring Model

A dynamic reputation scoring model for sessions based on a variety of observable and derived features

Data Compliance using Blockchain

A novel framework to automatically track details about how a consumer’s private data is stored, used and shared by a Cloud provider. We have created a semantically rich data privacy ontology and integrated it with the properties of blockchain, to develop an automated access-control and audit mechanism, called LinkShare, that enforces users’ data privacy policies when sharing their data across third parties.

Previous Projects

Semantic Cloud Services

Semantically rich, policy-based framework to automate the lifecycle of cloud services

Cloud Usability Standards

In collaboration with NIST, Dr. Joshi has developed a framework to define the Usability elements and measures of Cloud based applications. This framework will allow organizations to determine their organizational policy on Usability of cloud applications.

Cloud Services Broker

Dr. Joshi was awarded the TEDCO MII award to develop a Cloud Services Broker that will allow users to compare the various cloud offerings and determine which best meet their needs.