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Adaptive Data Replication


Adaptive data replication, data caching, dynamic file allocation, consistency and recovery, data dissemination.

Project Award Information

Project Summary

Adaptive replication is a generalization of the principle of caching. In adaptive replication the number of copies of an object, the location of these copies, and which updates are propagated to each copy, change dynamically depending on a given cost function.

This project establishes the fundamental principles of adaptive information replication and dissemination in distributed systems. It also  develops and analyzes a system for adaptive replication of objects. The system consists of a set of algorithms to be used for various cost functions. For the analysis the investigators are building a simulation testbed  which  enables comparison among the various adaptive and static replication algorithms. The project will improve the understanding, cost, and performance of distributed systems and distributed databases. It can lead to a more efficient Internet and World-Wide-Web. Currently the results are being extended to the wireless WWW.

Publications and Products

The principles of Adaptive Replication have been established (please see Project references 1-11 below). Due to space limitations, here we will elaborate only on some of our results. We developed two new algorithms for optimal placement of replicas in tree networks, taking into account the read, write, and storage costs. One is using a Minimum Spanning Tree write-propagation policy, and the other is using a Steiner Minimum Tree write-propagation policy (see references 4 and 5 below). These results shed light on the relationship between the write propagation policy and the  minimum cost replication scheme.  In addition, we developed a new algorithm for minimum read-write-storage cost replication on a large family of networks, namely networks with bounded treewidth (which include among others planar networks with bounded diameter). We published this result in reference 6 below. Furthermore, a new approach for maintaining replicated redirection services in Web-based information systems, aiming at minimizing client response time and network overhead while reducing the load imposed upon the data servers, has been developed. This approach is based on the ADR protocol and a protocol by Rabinovich et al (ICDCS 1999) (see reference 7 below). We have also investigated the relationships between adaptive replication and gossiping in wireless broadcast systems (references 8,  9, and 11). We determined that the cost based approach bridges between the two methodologies. The core modules of the simulation testbed have been implemented in Java, and the system is currently being used to experimentally study various replication protocols. A GUI for our simulator is under development. An extension of the simulator for wireless environments has been established.

Goals, Objectives, and Targeted Activities

The project has the following objectives. First, establish the fundamental principles of adaptive information replication and dissemination in distributed systems. Second, develop a system of algorithms for adaptive replication of objects, and a cost based system to compare the algorithms. The third objective  is to build a simulation testbed in which to evaluate the algorithms using real data such as WWW access traces. The last objective is to extend the results to the wireless internet.

Project Impact

Project References

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Area Background

Adaptive replication is a generalization of the principle of caching. Caching is used to improve the performance and availability of data systems by maintaining multiple copies/replicas of objects in a dynamic fashion. A typical question in caching is: "When and where should objects be cached to optimize performance and availability?" Our contribution is that we add the concept of cost functions to caching and we attempt to distinguish the principles of caching from the associated cost functions.

Area References

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