Contact: Jian Chen
Assistant Professor of CSEE, UMBC
Email: jichen .AT. umbc.eduhttp://www.csee.umbc.eduhttp://www.umbc.edushapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1

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ABI Development: PathBubbles for Dynamic Visualization and Integration of Biological Information: NSF ABI: [description][website]

Currently hiring.

IIS:GV:Supporting knowledge discovery through a 3D scientific visualization language: 
NSF IIS: G&V: [description][website]

Objective: create a scientific visualization language for understanding why and how tensor-field visualization works.

Storytelling bubbles: integrating symbolic representation, data ink, and interface for biological data analysis: 
NSF EPSCoR [website1]
NSF DBN [description][website2]
Objective: design and evaluation effective workflow-driven user interface for knowledge discovery in Genomic and Physiology datasets.
Integrating web-based visualization with structural systems understanding to improve the technical education of architects: 
NSF DUE  [description][website]
Objective: design a learning tool for use by architectural students. The tool will assist students in selecting the building systems and help them understand the roles and behaviors of these selections when subjected to various environment conditions (e.g., earthquake).
Bat Flight Kinematics Data Analysis:
Objective: We are working closely with biologists to analyze bat flight kinematics between species.

Effective Visual Encoding on Various Forms of Displays: 
Objective: study the effect of size, resolution, field of view on vector field visualization. We are interested in the design of scalable visualization methods.

Link to Research videos.
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