CMSC 437 Spring 1997
Graphical User Interface Programming

Last Update: 5 May 1997

When: Tuesday/Thursday 5:30-6:45PM

Where: ACIV 015

Instructor: Prof. Russell Turner

Teaching Assistant: Ian Soboroff

Grader: Jeffrey Brown


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Latest News

5 May
Extra credit for Project 4 is now available!

5 May
C-Cubed Corporation is looking for X programmers on Sun and SGI platforms.

19 April
Project 4 is now available. Also, you can look at Dr. Turner's MVC Framework code as discussed in class.

26 March
Added links to the Java code for shapes and complex numbers discussed in class.

23 March
Project 3 is now available!

20 March
Added a link to Sun's Java 1.0.2 documentation

18 March
Project 2 has been extended to Friday, 22 March, at midnight. The midterm remains as scheduled. Project 3 will be released on the day of the midterm. Good luck!

3 March
View Technologies, a company in the UMBC Technology Center, is looking for Visual BASIC programmers.

27 February
The newsgroup umbc.course.cs437 has been created! Use it for discussions on the course and projects.

25 February
Project 2 has been released, and will be discussed in class today.

13 February
The syllabus has been revised regarding today's and the next few sessions' lectures.

11 February
Added link in Project 1 description to a modified toggle.c example, where the pixmaps are loaded explicitly, rather than by the resource database. Also clarified that high scores only count when the game is completed.

4 February
Added link to Project 1 (due 25 Feb)


o Project 1 - Concentration Game
o Project 2 - A Pixel-Based Paint Program
o Project 3 - An Object-Based Draw Program
o Project 4 - Extending the Draw Program
All projects should be submitted using the submit utility.


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