CMSC 437C/691C Fall '96
Graphical User Interface Programming

Last Update: 19 November 96

When: Tuesday/Thursday 5:30-6:45PM

Where: ACIV 150 (NOTE: New Room!)

Instructor: Prof. Russell Turner

Teaching Assistant: Ian Soboroff

Grader: Zhaozhou Zhang

Texts: Young, Douglas A. The X Window System Programming and Applications with Xt, OSF Motif Edition, 2nd Edition, PTR Prentice Hall; Neider et al, OpenGL Programming Guide, Addison Wesley

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Latest News

19 December
It's all over! But since I didn't get Project 5 graded until now, I couldn't mention any points about it in class. Here are some comments.
21 November
Added link to Project 5 (due 10 Dec)

19 November
OpenGL sample code from the book is now available in ~ian/pub/opengl. Make sure you link to libraries found in ~ian/pub/opengl/libaux if you are using the AUX library.

29 October
Added link to Project 4 (due 19 Nov)

22 October
OO Example for Project 2 released in ~ian/pub/paint. This is my implementation of the design lectured on in class, with accompanying ideas for making it better. No warrantees expressed or implied.

8 October
Added link to Project 3 (due 29 Oct).

2 October
Added a demo example for Project 2, in ~ian/pub/guip/proj-ex/proj2/color_draw.

24 September
Added link to Project 2 (due 8 Oct), and clarified behavior of polylines.

19 September
toggle.c example code provided in the Hints section of Project 1.

11 September
The room has moved to ACIV 150.


o Project 1 - Concentration Game
o Project 2 - A Pixel-Based Paint Program
o Project 3 - An Object-Based Draw Program
o Project 4 - Extending the Draw Program
o Project 5 - A 3D Game (using OpenGL)
All projects should be submitted using the submit utility.


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