2007 NSF Next Generation Data Mining Symposium
Economics of privacy-preserving data mining (ICDE'07 panel)
Data Mining in Vehicular Sensor Networks: Technical and Marketing Challenges (KDD'07 talk)
Thoughts on Human Emotions, Communication Breakthroughs, and the Next Generation of Data Mining (NGDM'07 talk)

Data Mining: Next Generation Challenges and Future Directions
H. Kargupta, A. Joshi, K. Sivakumar, and Y. Yesha
MIT/AAAI Press (to be released in early 2004)

Adv ances in Distributed and Parallel Knowledge Discovery
Edited by Hillol Kargupta and Philip Chan

Genetic Algorithm Related Activities:

Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machine Journal Special Issue on the Computation in Gene Expression, volume 3, number 2, June 2002

GECCO-2001 Workshop on Computation in Gene Expression

Complex Systems Journal Special Issue on the Computation in Gene Expression

GECCO-2000 Workshop, Gene Expression: Missing Link in Evolutionary Computation

Special Issue of Journal of Evolutionary Computation on Scalable Evolutionary Computation (vol 7, Number 4, 1999)

My research on an algorithmic perspective of gene expression is described  here.


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